We at the Sabah Pansiyon ask that our customers consider bringing the following with them:

- Adapters

- Maps of Turkey

- Guide Books (such as Lonely Planet, Rough Guide, Footprints, Let's Go, etc.)

- Check current money exchange rates before changing money at the airport

- Limiting the number of traveler's checks as credit/debit cards are widely accepted

- About SIM Cards; you can visit Turkcell website

Turkish Telecom Authority has been applying the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) control service in Turkey since February 2006. As a result, all of the legal IMEIs used in all Turkish networks should be registered in the central EIR (Equipment Identity Register). This procedure is only valid for Turkish IMSI series. Therefore, please take this notification into consideration if you are having Turkish SIM card using any handset with a foreign IMEI,

If your handset IMEI number was not registered in IMEI list in Turkish Telecom Authority possession, you will receive a SMS notification. The message is in Turkish and the translation of the message is that "your IMEI is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will be blocked as the handset is placed in the "not registered" list. However, your SIM will still be active. For information, please call Turkcell Custom Service 4440532. If you do not take this message into account, your handset will be blocked and can not be used anymore with a Turkish SIM card. However, you can continue to use your handset with your own operator's card without any problem.

You can reach the detailed information about the law from the following link: under "Regulations - Regulation on the devices with Electronic Identity"

Please be reminded that IMEI registration is NOT required if you are having your own operator SIM card.